About Us

We are a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gaming products. Our website is operated by ED Gaming Pte Ltd. Founded in 2019 by gaming enthusiasts, we have grown to become a leading eCommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products. 

many years of experience as gaming and trading enthusiasts helps us empower gamers by making trades both fun and easy. For Buyers, the size of our community translates into low prices, fast delivery, safe transactions, and an enormous selection of products. For Sellers, our marketplace provides immediate access to hundreds of thousands of buyers from around the world.

We have made the process of selling CS:GO, Pubg, Dota2 items as simple, user friendly, and reliable as can be, so you can spend more time enjoying the game and earning an income at the same time. Unlike other services, ED Gaming lets you sell just about any items for real cash, even the cheapest ones. Prices and the list of skins are refreshed all the time, so you can visit every day and sell anything you no longer want for a profit.

Our Core Values

Our platform believes in ensuring prompt deliveries, reliable customer support and hassle-free experiences while at the same time safeguarding the interests of buyers and sellers. Most importantly, ED Gaming wants all the gamers in the world to have a central platform where great online gaming benefit is realized.

We also understand that the gaming community consists of many talented gamers who may be struggling to go further in the field. We encourage all the gamers to approach us if they need any sponsorships as we highly value all those people who share the same passion as we do.

As we strongly prioritize the value of secured transactions, we have enabled our platform to be fully governed and secured by GamerProtect, where both sellers and buyers can enjoy an absolute peace of mind.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable “Gaming for a living”, after all ED Gaming is all about a Gamer to Gamer Market Place. This makes our vision even clearer as we look forward to continuously expand our services to cater the needs and demands of our ED Gaming members and to ultimately become a global force to be reckoned with.

Our Mission

ED Gaming believes in making a difference.No matter how small or big it is, we shall continue to pursue innovate ideas that can change the world and do wonders for the gaming community. At ED Gaming, our mission is to continuously evolve in the gaming community and provide a reliable platform where gamers dont only game harder, but can now experience and enjoy gaming for a living.

Our Strengths

We continue to deliver the highest standard of excellence in the field of online commodities and assets.

We constantly strive to improve our strength towards providing the gamers with an online experience which is one of a kind.

Our people add to our sterength. Our team members are formed by a group of experienced gamers working in this industry for more than a decade.

ED Gaming ensures prompt deliveries, reliable customer supports and hassle-free experiences while safeguarding the interests of buyers and sellers. Most importantly, we want all gamers in the world to have a central platform where great online game benefit is realized.